The Philippines is a tropical archipelago composed of 7107 islands: let’s find those pearls that will match your needs!
Here are a few picks among others:

NORTH LUZON : BANAUE and the Mountains ; VIGAN and Historical Heritage…

This is where Asiaventure started: because of these remote mountains,
because of these Cordillera people, so devoted to their land that nowhere else
in Asia you find such extended and technically perfect rice terraces.

A unique ground for trekking: from Banaue and the Ifugao country to their close
neighbors in Bontoc, Sagada and more. And North Luzon is not only this fascinating mountain tribal culture: on the northwest coast, you may also witness History
in Vigan and its Spanish Colonial Heritage…

PALAWAN: EL NIDO and so much more…

They said Palawan was the most beautiful island in the world… but Palawan is not an island: it is an archipelago with almost 2000 islands!

This is Tropical Nature at its Best: the forests, the corals, and the beaches in between!

All still pretty well preserved!

El Nido has the most famous and picturesque bay. Puerto Princesa has nearby St Paul’s National Park and Underground River. And in between, you may find so many hidden jewels to make you feel alone on the last tropical frontier: a Heaven for Nature Lovers!

BUSUANGA: CORON and so many islands…

Although Busuanga and the Calamianes islands are part of Palawan, they geographically stand a bit northern apart.

Not only does Busuanga have Coron Island and its gigantic cliffs, not only does it have hundreds of small islands where it feels so good to get lost in, but it also has World War II Japanese wrecks lying underwater, making it one of the best destinations in the world for wreck diving.


Central Visayas is the heart of the country, and not only geographically!

It might not be as dramatic as Palawan islands or North Luzon mountains, but it has a bit of everything: beautiful tropical nature, excellent diversity of tropical underwater wildlife, historical landmarks and island culture, hospitable and friendly people, and a more developed offer of hotel accommodation and transportation network, making it much more easy to travel around.

Cebu + Bohol + Dumaguete is the golden triangle, but there are so many other islands waiting to be discovered nearby…

BORACAY: The Perfect Beach!

The beach! Nothing but the beach!

A small island with a 4km-long white and powdery sand beach and all the life that goes around, just for holidays and fun: hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and a very extensive nightlife….

Lovers, families and night clubbers living in perfect harmony: because this is the Philippines, and this is the perfect beach life!

MINDORO: so close and so remote!

Although it is just 3hrs away from Manila by land and sea, Mindoro still looks like a remote island far from modern life: the forest, the beach and the corals… a bit like Palawan!… On the North Coast, Puerto Galera Bay and its marine reserve is a proud member of the “Club of the Best Bays in the World”…

Going south Mindoro, you can reach by land and sea Palawan in the West, and Boracay in the East, maybe meeting some Mangyans tribes in the forest on the way, or stopping by Pandan island for a diving trip to famous offshore Apo Reef…

MANILA and environs: the Mega-City!

Manila vibrant city life is all around: the cosmopolitan capital never sleeps!

If you can stand it, there is much more to see than what it looks like, from the old Spanish walled city to the modern 21st century megalopolis architecture… and very close to the bustling urban center, there are several amazing spots not to be missed, like Taal and Pinatubo volcanos…