The Philippines have so much to offer, and such a diversity! In this labyrinth of wonders, let’s find the itineraries that match your travel specialties, or the specific needs and requests of your clients.

Listing all options would take too long, but here are some of our areas of expertise, offering full services from arrival until departure…

ADVENTURE TRAVEL : Ecotourism and more…

That’s where Asiaventure started a long time ago… and we still love it!

The Philippines is the perfect land for tropical adventure: Mountain Trekking along the rice terraces, jungle hiking through tropical rainforests, climbing volcanoes or meeting local people and their traditions…  Others might prefer the Ocean: Island Hopping makes pretty much sense in the archipelago: cruising, kayaking, snorkeling: just do it your way!

SCUBA DIVING TRAVEL and various Water Sports…

With one of the largest coral reef areas with tropical marine life diversity in the world, the Philippine Archipelago is a must for Scuba Divers… and if you are not into diving, then snorkeling around is enough to witness these underwater marvels for an unforgettable travel.

Some will push the experience further, kayaking the lagoons from one beach to another… Others might prefer an island for its waves or its wind: there are several excellent Surfing Spots in the country, specially on the Pacific side… as well as very well equipped Windsurfing or Kitesurfing centers in some islands…


For the past years, the Philippines has developed an extensive network of high end resort facilities and services ; adding to the legendary hospitality of the Filipino people, this was enough to place the country on the map of Luxury Travel.

Private islands with fast and reliable transportation, fabulous exclusive resorts will top the list… not to mention some excellent world awarded Wellness Centers, best among a pretty large and selective Philippine Wellness Hospitality offer.


Special clients (all clients are!), Couples, Honeymooners, Families… but also Special Interest or Theme Travel (Birdwatching, Wellness, Religious Pilgrimage, etc…).

You know your client, we know our country: let’s find together exactly what they are looking for. We both want them to come back to you fully happy and satisfied!


Companies, Associations, Clubs, Wedding groups, or just some groups of friends, we have a long experience of group travel in the Philippines to cater your needs.

Moreover, together with our selection of reliable and creative local partners, we can build with you the unforgettable and successful Incentive Event your client is looking for in the Philippines…